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7 Best things to talk about on a first date (and keep the conversation flowing)

Discover 7 best things to talk about on a first date to keep the conversation flowing smoothly. Impress your match and make your first date unforgettable!
Things to talk about on a first date

⚠️ The first conversation with a woman is crucial, you know that.

You only get one chance to make a good impression!

So, you're stressing out and feeling the pressure...

nervous first date

Relax, it's normal. In fact, she’s probably just as anxious as you are.

Guys often struggle on things to talk about on a first date. They wonder what attitude to adopt or what to say to avoid scaring off their crush.

Is that your case?

I’m Tiffany, from The Dating Code. Since 2017, I’ve been helping guys develop their masculine potential and succeed in their love lives.

✅ If you want to ace your date and see her again, follow recommendations to the letter!

Ask her questions and share experiences about : 

  • her passions and occupations
  • her work
  • her family
  • her projects

✅ But the most important thing : listen to her!

▶️ And today, I’m sharing my 7 precious tips for a successful first date!

1 - Hobbies and interests

⚠️ Got a date planned with your Tinder match?

If you don't know what to talk about on a first date, you're setting yourself up for failure.

Tinder it's a match

Your first date conversation topics need to be engaging, fun, and revealing.

Start with hobbies and interests.

✅ Talking about hobbies is a goldmine.

It shows what makes her tick and what lights up her eyes. Here are some questions to get the ball rolling:

  • "What's your favorite way to spend a weekend?"
  • "Do you have any hidden talents or hobbies?"

These questions dive into her passions and can reveal common interests.

If she's into hiking and you're an outdoorsman, you've just found a perfect date idea for the future.

⚠️ Don't just ask—share!

Talking about your hobbies isn't just about you.

It's about creating a dialogue.

If you love playing guitar, tell her.

It might spark a conversation about music, concerts, or favorite bands.

People love talking about themselves.

Show genuine interest in her responses. This builds a connection and keeps the conversation flowing.

Why are hobbies and interests killer first date conversation topics?

  • ⭐ They reveal personality traits.
  • ⭐ They offer insights into her lifestyle.
  • ⭐ They set the stage for future dates.

❌ Don’t dominate the conversation with your hobbies.

don't dominate the conversation

This isn't a monologue. It's a two-way street.

  • ❌ Don't: "I play guitar every weekend. I'm really good at it. I have three guitars and spend hours practicing."
  • ✅ Do: "I love playing guitar. It's a great way to relax. Do you play any instruments or have a favorite type of music?"

⚠️ Variety is key.

Don't stick to one topic for too long. Transition smoothly to keep things interesting.

✅ These are safe, light-hearted topics that can lead to deeper conversations.

"Have you read any good books lately?" or "What’s the best movie you’ve seen this year?" are great starters.

2. Travel experiences

⚠️ Ready to make your first date unforgettable?

Let’s dive into one of the best things to talk about on a first date: travel experiences.

Travel stories aren’t just fascinating—they're revealing.

They show you what excites her, what cultures intrigue her, and where she dreams of going next.

This is a surefire way to keep the conversation lively and engaging.

✅ Start with a question about her favorite travel destination.

Something like, "What's the best place you've ever traveled to?"

This opens the door to a flood of stories and experiences.

Here's why travel is a killer topic:

  • ⭐ Shared interests: You might discover you both love beach vacations or exploring historic cities.
  • ⭐ Excitement: Talking about adventures and new places is inherently exciting.
  • ⭐ Future plans: It can spark ideas for trips you could take together.

⚠️ Be ready to share your own travel tales too.

It’s not just about asking questions—give her a glimpse into your adventures. 

Whether it's that crazy night in Bangkok or the serene beaches of the Maldives, let her see the adventurous side of you.

✅ Use vivid descriptions.

Make her feel like she’s right there with you.

Here’s how to weave your travel stories into the conversation:

  • "I once hiked up a volcano in Iceland. The view was insane!"
  • "I tried street food in Vietnam, and it was the best pho I’ve ever had."

❌ Don’t brag about expensive trips.

You’re sharing experiences, not trying to impress her with your bank account.

Keep it genuine and relatable.

  • ❌ Don't: "I stayed at a five-star resort in Bali. It was super exclusive."
  • ✅ Do: "I backpacked through Europe for a month. One of my favorite spots was a little café in Paris where I met some amazing people."

Travel experiences also open up opportunities to discuss future plans.

Ask about her dream destination.

✅ Questions like, "If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?" can reveal a lot about her aspirations and interests.

⚠️ Don’t be afraid to mix it up.

Throw in some fun travel-related questions to keep the vibe light and playful:

  • "What’s the weirdest thing you’ve eaten while traveling?"
  • "Have you ever had a travel disaster?"

3. Favorite books, movies, and TV shows

⚠️ Talking about books, movies, and TV shows is a goldmine for first date conversations.

Why? Because everyone has something to say about what they watch or read.

It’s a safe, engaging topic that can reveal a lot about a person’s tastes and interests.

✅ Start with an easy question like, "Seen any good movies lately?"

This can break the ice and lead to a relaxed, enjoyable chat.

Here’s why this topic rocks:

  • ⭐ Conversation flow: It’s easy to talk about why you liked or didn’t like something.
  • ⭐ Personality insights: What someone watches or reads can say a lot about them.

⚠️ Don’t be afraid to dig a little deeper.

Ask questions like:

  • "What’s your all-time favorite book and why?"
  • "Is there a TV show you’re obsessed with right now?"

These questions are not just conversation starters—they’re gateways to understanding her preferences and passions.

Share your own favorites too.

✅ This isn’t an interview; it’s a dialogue.

Here’s how to do it:

  • "I just finished reading ‘The Alchemist’. Have you read it?"
  • "I’m hooked on ‘Stranger Things’. What about you?"

❌ Don’t criticize her tastes.

If she loves a book or movie you hated, be respectful.

Differences in taste can lead to interesting discussions if handled well.

✅ Use this topic to explore potential date ideas too.

Ask about her favorite genres and suggest watching a movie together next time.

4. Work and career goals

⚠️ Talking about work and career is more than just small talk.

It’s an immersion into her daily life, her ambitions, and maybe even her dreams.

try to know her deeply

Sure, it might seem a bit heavy for a first date, but done right, it can be incredibly revealing and connective.

✅ Kick things off with a light approach:

"What do you do for work?" This simple question can open many doors.

Here’s why you should talk about work and career:

  • ⭐ Values and priorities: Understanding what she values in her work can tell you a lot about her as a person.
  • ⭐ Future aspirations: Discussing career goals can reveal where she sees herself in the future.

⚠️ Keep it positive and engaging.

It's not just about what she does from 9 to 5.

It’s about what drives her, what challenges she faces, and what triumphs she’s had.

❌ Don’t turn it into an interview.

✅ Listen more than you speak.

Here’s how to show genuine interest:

  • "That sounds fascinating. What’s the most rewarding part of your job?"
  • "How did you get into that field?"

Discussing work can naturally lead to talking about education, which is another great topic.

✅ Ask about her educational background.

This can tie back to her current job or reveal a completely different side of her past.

5. Family and upbringing

⚠️ Let's dive into a topic that’s both revealing and heartwarming: family and upbringing.

Talking about family can show you a lot about her values, traditions, and what’s important to her.

It’s also a great way to bond over shared experiences and discover more about each other’s backgrounds.

✅ Start with simple, open-ended questions.

"Tell me about your family." This can lead to a variety of stories and insights.

emotional connection

Here’s why family and upbringing are fantastic first date conversation topics:

  • ⭐ Values and traditions: Understanding her family dynamics can reveal her values and traditions.
  • ⭐ Personal stories: Family anecdotes often bring out the best stories and laughs.
  • ⭐ Emotional connection: Discussing upbringing helps build a deeper emotional connection.

⚠️ Keep it light and positive.

Ask about her childhood, favorite family traditions, or any funny family stories. Here are some questions to get you started:

  • "What was your favorite family vacation growing up?"
  • "Do you have any siblings? What are they like?"

✅ Share your own stories too.

❌ Don’t delve into negative or traumatic family issues on the first date.

Keep the conversation light and respectful.

  • ❌ Don't: "My parents’ divorce was really messy. It was a tough time."
  • ✅ Do: "I have great memories of family road trips. We used to sing along to oldies the whole way."

Talking about upbringing also gives you a glimpse into her past and what shaped her into who she is today.

✅ Ask about her hometown, schools she attended, and childhood friends.

6. Life goals and aspirations

Ready to really get to know her?

👉 Let’s talk about life goals and aspirations.

This topic is gold for discovering what drives her and if your visions align.

Start with a simple question: "What are your biggest dreams?"

This can open up a deep and meaningful conversation.

✅ Knowing her goals can help you see if your futures might align.

✅ Her aspirations reveal what she values most in life.

✅ Understanding her ambitions can show you her level of drive and determination.

⚠️ Keep the conversation light-hearted initially.

You don’t want to scare her off with intense questions right away. Here are some easy starters:

  • "Do you have any big goals you’re working towards?"
  • "What’s one thing you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t yet?"

This isn’t just about her. Make it a two-way street.

Here’s how:

  • "I’ve always dreamed of starting my own business. What about you?"
  • "One of my goals is to travel to all seven continents. Do you have any travel goals?"

❌ Don’t dismiss her dreams.

Even if they seem unrealistic to you, respect her vision. It’s her dream, after all.

  • ❌ Don't: "That sounds impossible. Why would you want to do that?"
  • Do: "That’s an incredible goal! What inspired you to pursue it?"

Talking about life goals can also lead to discussions about personal growth and self-improvement.


Ask about her plans for the future and how she intends to achieve them.

✅ This can be incredibly motivating and show that you support her ambitions.

7. Unique experiences and stories

⚠️ You want to blow her mind?

This topic is a jackpot for keeping the conversation lively and memorable.

Everyone has a wild or fascinating story to tell, and these tales can reveal a lot about personality and character.

Start with a question like, "What’s the most unique experience you’ve ever had?"

✅ This can lead to some amazing stories and insights.

Here’s why unique experiences make for great first date conversation topics:

  • ⭐ Engagement: Interesting stories capture attention and keep the conversation flowing.
  • ⭐ Personality insights: Unique experiences can reveal quirky, adventurous, or brave sides of her personality.
  • ⭐ Connection: Sharing personal stories builds a deeper connection and makes the date memorable.

⚠️ Don’t hold back on sharing your own stories too.

Balance is crucial. Here’s how to weave your tales into the conversation:

  • "I once went skydiving on a whim. It was the craziest thing I’ve ever done! What about you?"
  • "I met a celebrity in the most unexpected place. Have you ever had a chance encounter like that?"

✅ Be animated and expressive.

Stories are best told with enthusiasm. Here’s how:

  • Use vivid descriptions to paint a picture.
  • Show emotion and excitement.

❌ Don’t exaggerate or lie.

  • ❌ Don't: "I fought off a bear with my bare hands." (Unless you’re actually Bear Grylls.)
  • ✅ Do: "I got lost in a foreign city and ended up having the most amazing adventure. Have you ever gotten lost and found something incredible?"

Authenticity is key. Stick to the truth and make it relatable.

Unique experiences can also be a segue into discussing future adventures.

⚠️ Spice it up with some fun, offbeat questions:

  • "What’s the weirdest food you’ve ever tried?"
  • "If you could relive any moment, what would it be?"
to seduce a girl show that you're attentive to her

▶️ Want to know if your date went really well?

Here are some signs that prove your first date was a success:

  • Your date clearly didn’t want to leave and suggested one last drink or insisted on a little night walk.
  • She even set up a second date, and just a few days after the first!
  • The goodbyes were long, she kissed you on the cheek and placed her hand on your back or shoulder. Or she straight-up kissed you, leaving no doubt!
  • You received a call or message from her a few hours after your meeting.

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