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Decoding the woman shit test: 12 tips on responding

Learn to navigate a woman shit test effectively. Join The Dating Code for insights and tips on responding confidently and cleverly.
woman shit test

⚠️  A single disruptive sentence from a woman can literally paralyze you.

This is what we call the woman shit test.

Here is the definition:An unconscious effort by a woman to test a man's worth and social aptitude.

Wow, now you’re trapped like a rat, she's going to see right through your game!

And among all the seduction advice, this is probably the one most sought after by men!

It’s one of the many trials you will have to go through before sleeping with a girl.

In your life, you are going to face hundreds, even thousands of these tests from women.

❌ If you respond poorly, without realizing it, it’s GAME OVER.

why a woman tests you

Because with women, a “bad” response is synonymous with “creepy guy”.

So, they tend to next.

So, how do you know what to respond to women's tests?

The problem is that you can find everything and anything on the internet.

I’m Tiffany from The Dating Code, I know you feel uncomfortable. That’s because you don’t know what to say when a woman sends you these kind of killer phrases.

Why does a woman test you?

⚠️ Imagine a woman asks you, “What are you looking for here?”

I believe this is the most common shit test among women.

How do you respond correctly?

What is hiding behind this phrase?

⚠️ A woman who says this is trying to figure you out.

To see if you’re just another player who will disappear as soon as she spreads her legs.

Or if you have a backbone.

The response to this phrase will be crucial.

Not because all women want something serious and never sleep around.

But because they no longer want the basic player who disappears the next morning.

Women are done with that.

⛔️ To this shit test, many guys will respond with something like “Carpe Diem, I don’t overthink, I live in the moment.”

In a woman's mind, Carpe Diem = guy who wants to sleep with her.

And she will block you right away.

You are exposed.

Game over.

Here’s what I can teach you to counter this shit test.

✅ You will respond with something both vague and specific.

✅ Specific because you will still respond to her real intention.

Her real intention is to find out if you’re a lousy player, or a mysterious man she would like to meet.

✅ Vague because you will keep some room to maneuver.

Because the goal is not to promise a long-term relationship.

Not to promise anything at all (as you're not there yet and it's way too premature).

stand out to seduce her

How to respond to a woman shit test (and have an answer for everything)

Let's go back to the shit-test we just discussed.

✅ The response phase I propose for this shit test is this:

“I’m not looking for anything specific. I go based on the people I meet, the vibe, whether I'm attracted or not. If it’s meant to go far, it will go far, otherwise no.”

Why does it work?

You are specific enough to reassure her.

Your response is more thought-out than 95% of other men.

Yet, you remain vague enough to stay free about what will happen.

This response to this shit test, I’ve tested it on dozens of women.

The failure rate? 0%

Yes, 0%, you read that right.

It has never failed.

You can start using it right now.

Here's the translation of your text:

The 12 worst tests from women (with answers)

▶️  Here is the list:

  1. “Have you been here long?”
  2. “What are you looking for here?”
  3. “Are you just looking to hook up?”
  4. “Have you met a lot of people?”
  5. “I don’t just give out my number!!!”
  6. “Do you say that to all the girls?”
  7. “A friend signed me up”
  8. “I need time before meeting someone”
  9. “Aren’t you a bit fast?”
  10. “Give me a reason to meet up”
  11. “How long have you been single?”
  12. “How many girls have you been with?”

Let's now move on to the response for each of them. You can copy/paste, it's a gift!

1 - “Have you been here long?”

⚠️ Her goal:

  • To know if you are desperate
  • To know if you are a perpetual single

✅ What to respond:

  • (self-deprecating) “Yes, it’s been 98 months and 2 weeks, why?”
  • (serious) “I’ve actually been single for a few weeks now”

2 - “What are you looking for here?”

⚠️ Her goal:

  • To know if you’re a player
  • To know if you are just looking for sex In 90% of cases, a girl asking this question is looking for something serious

✅ What to respond:

  • (universal) “I’m not looking for anything specific. I go based on the people I meet, the vibe, whether I'm attracted or not. If it’s meant to go far, it will go far, otherwise no.”

3 - “Are you just looking to hook up?”

⚠️ Her goal:

  • To destabilize you to see how you react
  • She is interested, but has doubts about you and is afraid you'll disappear after sleeping together

✅ What to respond: 

  • With you? I don’t know, we haven’t even seen each other yet. I don’t even know if I’ll like you. You’re jumping to conclusions too quickly, my dear
  • (risky) “Hooking up happens on its own between two people who are attracted to each other, if it's meant to happen it will happen. It seems like you're scared of that and I feel you’re trying to control, almost as if you lack spontaneity.”

4 - “Have you met a lot of people?”

⚠️ Her goal:

  • Same as “Have you been here long?”

✅ What to respond:

  • “12,587 so far. With you, it’ll be 12,588.”
  • “I just signed up. Just one so far... and she wasn’t like her pictures!!!”

5 - "I don’t just give out my number!”

⚠️ Her goal:

  • Wants to maintain control over you
  • Doesn't want to appear easy
  • Wants to protect herself from weird guys

What to respond:

  • (serious) “If I start harassing you and you drive me crazy, you can always block my number, and vice versa if you go crazy on me!”
  • (self-deprecating) “Usually, I don’t ask for the number before marriage... but with you, I feel like changing that haha”
  • (framing) “It’s not a marriage proposal. Cool, everything is still to be done.”

6 - “Do you say that to all the girls?”

⚠️ Her goal:

  • She senses you are copy-pasting your lines and wants to destabilize you to find out

What to respond:

  • “Everyone, except to my mother”
  • “Yes, it hasn’t worked with any of them, help me out here, my mom thinks I’ll end up an old alcoholic bachelor on the street!!!”
  • “You must be the 5,785th if I’ve counted right. It’s true that after a while, I can’t keep count anymore”

7 - “A friend signed me up!”

⚠️ Her goal:

  • To tell you she doesn’t fully embrace being on a dating site

What to respond:

  • (direct) “Does she do your taxes too?”
  • (self-deprecating) “I hope you won’t tell me it’s your Mom who’ll accompany you on the date 😉”

8 - “I need some time before meeting someone!”

⚠️ Her goal:

  • Keep you under control
  • Delay the meeting (for various reasons)

What to respond:

  • (exaggeration) “Well listen, I wait 96 months before a meeting, you’re doing well telling me because you’re even faster than me!!!”
  • (self-deprecating) “Be careful, each day that passes, I gain 2 kg from the initial photos! By the time we meet, I might look like a SUMO wrestler!”

9 - “Aren’t you a bit fast?”

⚠️ Her goal:

  • Keep you under control
  • Test you to see if you own up

What to respond:

  • (fun) “I was told the same thing yesterday during my jogging session”
  • (fun) “People often tell me that while I’m driving on the highway, I promise if we go out together on the weekend, I’ll drive slower”

10 - “Give me a reason to meet!”

⚠️ Her goal:

  • Test you to see what you are made of
  • She’s not convinced and wants to see what you can respond

What to respond:

  • (fun) “I have 100 million euros in a hidden account in the Cayman Islands”
  • (self-deprecating) “I can cook hamburgers without burning them. I hope you can do the same”

11 - “How long have you been single?”

⚠️ Her goal:

  • Same as 'Have you met a lot of people?'

What to respond:

  • (fun) “Exactly 38 years, 7 months, 2 days, and 8 hours. Time flies, it’s crazy”
  • (serious) “A few weeks ago, I just signed up. I’ve had 1 encounter so far and she wasn’t like her photos. So I’m wary now”

12 - “Have you been with many girls?”

⚠️ Her goal:

  • Same as 'Have you met a lot of people?'

What to respond:

  • (self-deprecating) “No, I’m still a virgin, nobody helps me! Help me!”
  • (punchy) “1,287 girls. Oh wait, I forgot Vanessa from last night. So, 1,288. Are you embarrassed?”

self deprecation against shit test

If you are reading this article, it's probably because you're not quite up to speed on how to talk to women.

⏩ Join us at The Dating Code and learn how to understand and charm women.

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