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What to text after the first date and how to manage "post-date" in 3 steps

Discover how to handle post-first date communication with our guide on what to text after the first date. Including message examples.
what to text after the first date

⚠️ Securing a first date with a woman is great. 

Making sure the date goes well is even better.

But, there's a question you often ask me: "Hey Tiffany, what to text after the first date?"

Yes, because it's all well and good, but when we say goodbye and everyone goes home, things can quickly fall flat.

⚠️ I did say EVERYTHING 😀

This article is designed to guide you in 3 steps, helping you what to text after a first date.

Because we don't always know how to behave towards these dear ladies.

  • ▶️ "Do I text her right away?"
  • ▶️ "Do I wait for her to do it?"
  • ▶️ "Do I keep her hanging?"

In short, managing "post-date" is a real puzzle for some.

what to text after the first date

✅ I am Tiffany from The Dating Code and today, I've decided to give you my tips.

To manage "post-date" well, you need to take it easy!

⚠️ Gentlemen, I am writing this as an open-hearted letter.

Yes, I am really addressing YOU directly.

✅ I want what you're about to read to sink in. I want you to remember it forever!

Are you ready for the big revelation? I think so 😉

⚠️ What happens after a date is already pre-determined! ⚠️

When your date is over, and everyone goes home, a woman already knows if she will contact you again or not.

The future is written.

She has already decided in her head whether she will see you again or not.

Why am I telling you this?

⚠️ Because the "text again" (sending a text right after) has no influence on how things will unfold between you afterwards.

❌ So know that if you messed up during that first date, sending a text afterward will almost have no influence on her decision.

The games are played during the date. And, the games are over when it's finished. 

So, what happens after doesn't impact the woman.

Women know what they want. Much more easily than us, actually!

▶️ If you have a feeling that the date didn't go super well, but you want to make it up with a message, know that in her head she might have already moved on.

She might have already turned the page.

❌ Keep in mind that it's not with a super message that you will fix a botched date. 

✅ It's during your date with her that you need to excel.

And, I'm not saying this to pressure you, of course!

✅ It's simply a reality that I want you to be immediately aware of.

So, it's no use overthinking it. You absolutely must take it easy with what to text after the first date.

Now that that's said, I can move on to the 3 steps to manage the post-date.

Step 1 – Wait 24 hours before to text after the first date

send a message

⚠️ I really like to call it the "24-hour rule"! It's really a simple method.

❌ However, I don't want you to think it's just to keep the lady hanging. No.

These kinds of petty games, they only last so long.

It's just that the 24 hours following a date are a first milestone to reach.

✅ I advise you to wait 24 hours before contacting her again (if she hasn't done it already, of course).

Generally speaking, when a woman is interested in you, she will send you a message within the 24 hours following the date.

Sometimes, within half an hour, you might receive a text like:

  • ▶️ "I had a pleasant evening, looking forward to seeing you again."
  • ▶️ "Thanks for the restaurant, it was very nice."
  • ▶️ "Thanks for walking me home, I had a very good evening."

❌ If, on the other hand, you receive no message within 24 hours, that's not a good sign.

Although there can be various reasons for her silence.

All kinds of reasons that we desperately want to believe... Like:

  • ▶️ That she is naturally shy, reserved
  • ▶️ That she's waiting for you to make the first move
  • ▶️ That she lost her phone (lol)
  • ▶️ That she flew away on the back of a unicorn and stayed out of network 😀
  • ▶️ That she is NOT interested.

And yes, my friends. You need to stop making excuses for yourself.

⚠️ You must face the truth, even if it's not always pleasant!

Step 2 - Send a “WTF” message

⚠️ If you really like this woman, here's how to handle the 24 hours post-date when you haven't heard anything from her…

✅ Send her a message, but not just any message!

▶️ Here is the type of image you can send her:

text after the first date

Let your imagination run wild.

And the internet is full of memes of all kinds, like this site!

The goal is to show your interest in her with a touch of humor.

❌ Because acting desperate has never been attractive or successful.

Pity is not part of seduction.

✅ The idea here is to elicit a reaction from her.

But also, to stand out from the crowd.

Then, it will be up to you to analyze the reaction of this woman:

  • ✅ Does she play along?
  • Does she respond off-topic?
  • Does she show no interest?
  • Does she not respond at all? There are different scenarios.

In this context, it's up to you to decide if it's worth continuing or not.

Let's imagine that this woman does not respond to you…

👉 Read what follows.

Step 3 - Manage the post-date when you haven't heard from her

⚠️ Ouch. Not having news from a woman after a date is not easy to handle.

Just like receiving a reply from her, but completely empty.

❌ A reply without any interest and devoid of emotions.

Let's assume this woman doesn't respond to you…

✅ Here's what you will do as a last resort: make an ESCAPE!

the escape

What is an "escape"?

⚠️ It's showing her that you understand she does not want to see you again.

And that you are OK with that.

⚠️ Making an 'escape' is thus a way of saying “Ciao, bye”.


The message is much more subtle.

▶️ Here is a concrete example:

“I don't feel you're receptive, so I prefer not to insist. It's a shame because you seemed nice. See you.”

This type of message is very interesting.

✅ It consists of 3 parts:

1:”'I don't feel you're receptive” = non-violent communication that proves to her that you understand her position without being aggressive. Since the goal is not to criticize the other person, it's unnecessary to be aggressive by saying “You're just a b*tch”, “Why don't you answer me?!!!” You simply express YOUR point of view and YOUR feelings.

2: “So I prefer not to insist” = you clearly tell her that you are leaving. That you won't continue to contact her.

3: “It's a shame because you seemed nice” = you show her that you liked her and that you were ready to continue. But it's not a big deal, you'll leave it there as well.

✅ This type of message can help make up for things with a woman who was showing herself to be relatively distant.

Of course, if her mind was made up, a text won't persuade her to change her opinion.


By showing detachment, you also show her that you are living your life.

And that ultimately, it's too bad for her.

⚠️ It's at that moment that, on her part, she might realize that she may be missing out on something with her distant behavior.

❌ But, keep in mind that you can't control and manage 'post-date' as you wish.

Or rather, as you fantasize.

It's a situation we all experience at some point!

⚠️ That's why I told you in the introduction that it's very important to downplay this stage of seduction.

She's not giving you any news?

Tell yourself that, perhaps, it's better that she doesn't contact you again if she's not feeling it.

⚠️ To manage "post-date" well, you need to start preparing for the next one.

⏩ And, if you want to go further and get even more advice: Join The Dating Code.

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